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Marriage Cord

Marriage Cord Ceremony

This is a ceremony that I have developed, that can be used in three ways. The first is to represent the Christian beliefs and demonstrates that three cords are stronger than two, as explained by Bible passages. The next is for two blended families, showing that while the couple are the focus, each family member is included, with two families now being forged into one, one cord. The final is that we can show  a couple as part of your extended families and that they are important to you and your marriage.  I find most people love the inclusiveness of this service.

Wedding Rings

Ring Ceremony

Most Australian couples choose to exchange wedding rings.  This tradition of exchanging rings has been around since the earliest of ceremonies. Based on the idea that the ring is a perfect circle with no beginning for end, so is the love of a married couple.

Tie the Knot

Knot Ceremony

It gives me the greatest joy to watch a couple to physically tie a knot during their ceremony.  It is a wonderful tradition that started with the deep sea sailors of the 18th Century.  They would tie a knot and send to a loved one back home and, depending on how the knot is returned, the sailor would end up filled with great excitement or disappointment. I find that this ceremony works beautifully with the Marriage cord ceremony.

Wedding Vows


The wonderful part of being married by a Civil Celebrant is that we get to help you write your vows. Of course, there are a few legal lines we must include, but apart for that, you are at liberty to say what you want to your partner.  I love when a couple choose to express their love for each other by saying individual vows.  I can assist to write these or I have a range you can choose from or modify.  Lets personalise you wedding ceremony together.

Rose Exchante

Rose Exchange Ceremony

In the Rose Ceremony, the wedding couple give each other a single red rose. The Rose Ceremony is normally held at the end of the ceremony,  just before you are pronounced husband and wife. In the old language of flowers, a single red rose always meant “I love you”. The Rose ceremony gives recognition to the new and most precious relationship, that of Husband and Wife.


Champers Ceremony

Like the unity candle or sand ceremony, the use of champagne during the service enables the couple to share the basics of life (food and water).  This moment can occur after the vows and ring exchange and gives the couple some breathing space and a wonderful photo opportunity.

Your Love story

Love Story

Every couple I meet have their own love story.  Although the wedding guest know some of this story, they rarely know it all.  And although I don’t want to know all your love story, I do like to include some of it in the service.  This way your wedding is really about you, and after all that is why we are all there.  Often I hear after the service guests saying that they did not know this or that about the couple.  It’s a lovely opportunity for the service to really reflect the couple.

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

A simple sand ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two different-colored sands into a single jar or vase. With the clear and simple meaning, the blending of two different people, the bride and the groom, into a single, inseparable unit that is their marriage — the joining of their lives.  If it is a blended family we can add more colours and include the blending of two families into one as well.

Music makes the ceremony

Feature Music

Most wedding ceremonies  have at least three pieces of music during the service.  The first the Bridal March, is now often a modern piece of music or song that has significance to the couple.  Secondly we have some music while we complete the paperwork and finally as the couple leave.  There are many wonderful tunes to choose from and I have a list of many to look over. Music helps to set the tone of your service.

Unity Candle ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Like the sand ceremony, the unity candle symbolising the union of our couple.  Two flames, joining to become one.  This can be a beautiful process, preferably indoors.  Once again, if we are looking at a blended family we can extend this out to include family members.

Hand Fastening

Hand Fastening Ceremony

Originally from the Celts, this service ties the hands of the bride and groom symbolising the two becoming one.  I love when one of the mothers is able to do the wrapping and the other comes and ties.  A wonderful way to acknowledge your family and include them in the service.  If you prefer I can do the tying or one of the attendants can be involved eg. Matron of Honour or Best Man.

Jumping the Broom

Broom Jumping Ceremony

A clean start! Jumping the broom is a fun way to start as a married couple, originating in Africa and traveling to the USA, it had its origins in the fact that the couple were starting a new life together and acknowledged that they were now in a new household separate and new.



Often during the ceremony, a family member or one of the attendants will do a reading. It might be just a thought of good wishes for the bride and groom. Often it is a poem or Bible reading about love and relationships.  This is a wonderful way to include some special to the couple who may not be in the wedding party.

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