Music can powerfully intertwine with our memory and emotions. The first time you heard that song on that movie; you know, when those two were finally reunited after being apart for the whole film? If I played that song for you now, you’d instantly associate the music with those feelings of joy and happiness.

Why not use one of these songs to bring those feelings to your wedding ceremony.

Here’s a list (not in any particular order) of ten songs from movies that you might have strong feelings about.

Gabriel’s Oboe (from The Mission)

This is what my wife walked down the isle to when we got married. We chose it because of the personal significance to us, and it is a beautiful piece of music.

Across the Stars (from Star Wars Episode 2)

This piece of music, by John Williams, evokes a strong sense of passion and would no doubt make any nerd couple happy.

Portugese Love Theme (from Love Actually)

Craig Armstrong captured the tender beginnings of romance in this instrumental that accompanies what is arguably one of the most beautiful love stories within Love Actually.

Make Up Kisses (from PS I Love You)

If you love a little Irish lilt, this theme from PS I Love You stirs up memories of the passion from the film.

He Sleeps (from Pretty Woman)

This piano piece, originally crafted by James Newton Howard, delicately expresses the feelings of first love and its ability to blossom and grow.

Love Theme (from Romeo And Juliet – 1968)

Andre Rieu breathes life into this classic piece that speaks to the power and strength of love throughout diversity.

Once Upon A Time… Storybook Love (from The Princess Bride)

Mark Knopfler’s memorable music brings back memories of the tenderness of love and the strength of two people united.

How It Ends (from Little Miss Sunshine)

This cheerful composition will have you bopping down the isle and into the arms of your beloved. It’s positive and peppy tones from DeVotchKa will brighten up any service.

The Grand Waltz (from The Sound of Music)

It’s hard to pick just one instrumental from The Sound of Music, but this piece has great timing and brings in many of the favourite melodies.

Jurassic Park Theme (from Jurassic Park)

Written by instrumental genius John Williamson, this piece has a magical epic quality that allows for a one of a kind entrance.

Fairy Tale (from Shrek)

Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell combine to create a piece that feels like a fairytale.

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