Jack van Netten Love story

Here’s My Love Story

Our Wedding Celebrant, Jack van Netten.

I married my high school sweet heart. After high school, we were separated by distance; my wife left Newcastle to study teaching in Lismore while I worked and studied in Newcastle. The telephone was a great friend and my now wife will tell you of long train trips to spend even the smallest amount of time together. We wrote love letters (yes, actual letters!) and waited to get them in the mail.

Finally my wife was able to transfer her studies to Newcastle University and the wedding planning started.

Jack van Netten Love story

We married in a traditional church ceremony, surrounded by family and friends. Our reception was in a local hall, with those family and friends sharing our first meal as a couple, while the fashion was high 80s. I still remember seeing my Bride as she walked down the isle.

Since being married, we have had five beautiful daughters and our family has since grown with two weddings. My family still remains most important to me and are now also some of my best friends. I am so happy to be blessed with such a large (and growing) family and am looking forward to being able assist in presenting my grandchildren to the greater family and friends in conduction their naming day ceremony.

Two becomes one! Your love story

I Love the Ceremony

Did you know that during the wedding ceremony you actually change; each Bride and each Groom changes. You come to the ceremony as two single people, but when you leave you have created a new entity, you are now a new family.
As a married couple you will be treated differently in law and by those around you.
To be able to share in this moment of your lives is very significant for me and such a privilege.  I do not take that lightly, and with you both, I like to create a ceremony that will stand you apart and share your uniqueness.
A ceremony that people leave feeling a little bit more joyful and happy to be part of your special day.

Official Wedding Celebrant

The Official Information

I am an Officially Qualified Celebrant, who is Nationally Registered and able to conduct your wedding ceremony anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia.  I undertake Regular Training to stay up to day with required legislation and am qualified to complete all state and federal government paperwork & registrations to make your wedding legal. There’s no need to worry about the legal side as I will guide you through the process, making it as easy and painless as I can.

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